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Art of Reviewing – For ID Reviewers


Art of Reviewing will provide you with insights, tools and techniques that will empower  you to review for adding value, as against reviewing for standard checks. What’s more, we will share some valuable performance-support tools that will make ID reviews easy and effective!


Who should take this course?

This course is meant for Instructional Designers with 5+ years of work experience as designers and analysts. Those who are driven, and want to learn how to review “design elements and “learning effectiveness” will benefit from this course.

How is the course designed?

The course is designed as a blend of insights and activities, and is structured as below.

  • Expert Speak: Tacit knowledge communicated through a video
  • Getting a Sense: A workplace review situation is simulated, and guidelines communicated through feedback
  • Exhibits: Job-aids and performance support tools are presented with implications, and explanations of each parameter


To qualify for your certificate from Purnima Valiathan, you must complete all episodes in this course and score 70% or more in the course assessment.


Course Reviews


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  1. Reviewer as a Mentor

    The course material is primarily oriented toward emphasizing two points: the role of a reviewer as a mentor and collaborator and review as an enhancing tool.
    By giving samples for activity exercises and then presenting the revised version based on the concepts being shared with the learners, Purnima has practically shown the approach an ID reviewer must adopt: instead of giving vague, ambiguous comments, there should be clear-cut recommendations as examples/options that the developer can choose from.
    Thanks for capturing and highlighting these essential elements of ID reviewing skills, Purnima!

  •  3,000.00
  • 1 week, 3 days
  • Course Certificate

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