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ID Certification (Level 2): Capstone Project



This is a capstone project tied to ID Certification Level 2. As part of this project you are expected to complete various tasks involved inĀ  creating a High-Level Design (HLD) or an Approach Note. This is an activity that most mid-level and senior instructional designers perform as part of their job role.


What’s in it for me?

The assignment will provide you with the experience of designing a performance improvement or training solution for a stated need/context.

Additionally, you will get a chance to explain the rationale for the recommended solution to your mentor within a learning environment. This experience will build your confidence to interact with internal and external customers in future.

Also, the assignment will be reviewed by Purnima Valiathan, and you will receive a list of strengths and focus areas along with a professional development plan.


How is the project designed?

Expert Modeling

Breaking up of a complex task into small, achievable ones with guided examples that will allow the candidate to emulate the expert.


  1. You have to pick any one situation from a list of three situations.
  2. You will work through seven tasks to come up with the High-level Design for the selected situation.
  3. Each task will be supported with a guided example that you can reference.
  4. You will also get a format/template to complete this project.





  •  2,000.00
  • 4 weeks, 2 days

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