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ID Recruitment Test: Professionalism



Content development and designing instruction is a collaborative process. It requires you to interact and work closely with subject matter experts (SME), other instructional designers, graphic designers and technology personnel. As an instructional designer you also interface with customers. All this requires that you handle work situations and people in the workplace with a certain degree of professionalism. This test will pose some situations, through which you can gauge your professionalism.


What’s in it for me?

Well, you get to assess your judgement and decision-making skills in a safe environment. What’s more, it is FREE, and will give you a feel of how our assessments are designed.


How is the assessment designed?

The complete ID Recruitment Test has a total of four parts. Each part tests for a specific competency as described below. This part focuses on  decision-making and judgement skills, or Professionalism. 





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