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ID Recruitment Test: Instructional Design



As an instructional designer, you are expected to know, understand and apply some universally accepted instructional design principles. Through this instructional design test, we present you with an opportunity to check your understanding of the most popular instructional design theories and frameworks.


What’s in it for me?

You can take this test to assess your knowledge and understanding of the instructional design discipline. The test will also help you identify if there are any gaps in your understanding. Identifying these gaps will help you prepare better for your job interview or written test.


How is the assessment designed?

The complete ID Recruitment Test has a total of four parts. Each part tests for a specific competency as described below. This part focuses on Basic ID principles and frameworks.  The assessment is timed, and you will receive a score at the end of the assessment.

A score above 70% indicates that you have a good understanding of basic instructional design principles. If you get a score less than 70%, get in touch with us for advise on which courses will help you bridge the gap. 




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