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Course Curriculum

Instructional Writing Vs Creative Writing
What is Instructional Writing? 00:15:00
Scripting Frameworks
Framework for Scripting: Gagne’s Model of Instruction 00:30:00
Framework for Scripting: Kolb’s Experiential Model 00:30:00
Framework for Scripting: Merrill’s First Principles 00:00:00
Creative Instruction
Creative Instruction: Stories, Scenarios and Case Studies 00:00:00
Creative Instruction: Developing Stories and Scenarios 00:00:00
Video Script Writing
Scripting for Video-based Learning 00:15:00
Deconstructing a Video Script 00:15:00
Exhibits – Video Script, Traditional Online Learning Script, PPT-based Script 00:00:00
Course-end Assessment
Scripting an Instructional Unit – Assessment 00:20:00
Scripting Assignment 00:00:00
Scripting an Instructional Unit: Assignment 10, 00:00
  •  3,000.00
  • 4 weeks, 2 days
  • Course Certificate

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We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right.


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