Purnima Valiathan

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Course Curriculum

Instructional Writing Vs Creative Writing
What is Instructional Writing? 00:15:00
Scripting Frameworks
Framework for Scripting: Gagne’s Model of Instruction 00:30:00
Framework for Scripting: Kolb’s Experiential Model 00:30:00
Framework for Scripting: Merrill’s First Principles 00:00:00
Creative Instruction
Creative Instruction: Stories, Scenarios and Case Studies 00:00:00
Creative Instruction: Developing Stories and Scenarios 00:00:00
Video Script Writing
Scripting for Video-based Learning 00:15:00
Deconstructing a Video Script 00:15:00
Exhibits – Video Script, Traditional Online Learning Script, PPT-based Script 00:00:00
Course-end Assessment
Scripting an Instructional Unit – Assessment 00:45:00

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