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Flair for ID Test


Instructional Designers must possess a specific bent of mind and a cluster of knowledge, skills and abilities. FLAIR FOR ID is specifically designed to assess the basic skills that an instructional designer must possess.

Some of the skills that this test focuses on are:

  • Comprehension Skills – Instructional Designers must possess the ability to comprehend information from a range of disciplines/subjects. They should be able to summarize and paraphrase content without changing the intent of the source content.
  • Language Skills – Instructional Designers must possess a fairly good command over the English language – especially with regard to interpreting text.
  • Content Structuring Skills – Instructional Designers must possess the ability to structure and organize written material.
  • Technology Awareness – Instructional designers must have a rudimentary knowledge of how technology can be used to deliver learning. They should be abreast of current technology at a basic level.

The purpose of this test is not to judge you, but to help you identify your strengths and focus areas, so that you may work towards honing your skills in this field.


Graduates looking for a career in Instructional Design.


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We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right.


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