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Device-agnostic Learning Design Workshop

The workshop “Device-agnostic Learning design” is meant to demystify the jargon that shrouds the latest development in learning design – responsive, adaptive, mobile and device-agnostic learning. It addresses when and how to arrive at device-agnostic learning as a solution, and the principles that should be adopted to make your learning material truly device-agnostic.  

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is meant for practicing instructional designers, and those involved in the project management and pre-sales functions in the learning and development division of their organization.

How is the workshop designed?

The workshop is designed to mirror the ADDIE model, and it addresses principles and concepts through a mix of games, mini-scenarios and exercises that require the participants to complete real-world work-place tasks.

Workshop Details:

The Device-agnostic Learning design workshop covers the following topics:

1. Analyze – Nailing It!

  • Understanding the Jargon
  • E-Learning v/s M-Learning
  • M-Learning: Strengths & Challenges
  • Recommended Situations

2. Design: Thinking in bits and bytes

  • Technology Perspective
  • Pedagogy Perspective
  • ID Implications
  • Design Process

3. Develop – Getting to the Point

  • Writing Style for Explanations
  • Writing for Performance Support
  • Visualization Techniques

4. Implement: Making the Most

  • HTML 5 Constraints and Possibilities
  • Exploring Samples

5. Evaluate: Assignment

Design a device-agnostic solution for the sample content that is provided.


You will get a certificate after participating in the workshop and completing all the required assignments.

Registration Process:

To register for the workshop, write to us at info@purnima-valiathan.com.

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We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right.


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