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2 responses on "Creating Model Curriculum - Reference Material"

  1. Hi,
    I have a small query related to above content.

    The below statements/examples are listed out in table of learning outcomes for knowledge and skills in above content.
    ”Discuss the SOP to be followed during the cleaning is listed out in knowledge /declarative 2. Demonstrate the process of cleaning surfaces, and kitchen and service areas listed out in procedural knowledge”

    Q Why the knowledge of process is listed out in declarative not in procedural knowledge ,if this is based on reasoning that concept and principles of process of cleaning to be understood by learner ,then, is not this repetitive that one is expected to discuss the process of cleaning as well as demonstrate process of cleaning.?

    • Hello Aakash,
      Yes, it is repetitive. The domain expert or subject matter expert should take a call on not addressing it as declarative knowledge, and address it only as a skill.

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