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Which of the following are necessary inclusions to a workshop? What’s your take?


  • Reflection
  • Discussion
  • Games
  • Exercises
  • Theory into Practice Activities
  • Tools, Templates & Job-Aids
  • All of the Above

Our Response: All of the Above

At ID Mentors, we believe that workshops must address all three domains – Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor – the Head, the Heart and the Hands! And, that is why we include all these activities in every workshop that we conduct.

Here is a list of workshops that we conduct.


1. Introduction to Instructional Design

2. Training Need Analysis

3. Facilitation Skills

4. Story-based Learning Design

5. Game-based Learning & Gamification

6. Designing Creative Assessments

7. Mobile/Device-agnostic Learning Design

8. Technical Writing

9. Blended Learning in K-12

10. Cultivating Creativity

11. Creativity and Design Thinking


Note: We also customize these workshops to specifically suit your needs.


Write to us at info@purnima-valiathan.com for bookings/enquiries.


About Us

We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right.


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