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Identifying Content Types


Online course on Identifying Content Types


Every piece of content has an inherent structure. If you understand the inherent structure of your content, you will be able to identify the most effective presentation and visual strategies render it as a learning unit. Identifying Content Types is a short course that covers Ruth Clarke’s Content Types framework – a framework that helps you accomplish this task successfully in the workplace.


Who should take the online course on Identifying Content Types?

  • Instructional Designers with 0 – 4 years of experience
  • Trainers/Experts who want to improve their content presentation skills


How is the course designed?

This online course on Identifying Content Types is designed to include the following:

  • Concept Explanation
  • Examples
  • Interactions
  • Job-Aid

Course Reviews


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  1. Content Types Free Sample

    Simple and Relevant

  2. Very helpful course!

  3. Excellent tutorial on content types!

  4. A good learning module

    Though some things get confusing at the beginning, but would suggest this module as a “must learn”.

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  • 7 days
  • Course Certificate

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