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Design Strategies for Training



How do you determine the instructional strategy for a given context? Is it a simple linear process, or is it complex decision-making that involves trade off? What are the different strategies that you can apply at the macro level and micro level?

This course, Design Strategies for Training, addresses these questions through four case studies from the following domains – airlines, oil and gas, finance and insurance. The course is designed in an interactive way, where you respond to some questions and learn about best practices through feedback.

Instructional Design Certificate Program 2.0

Get certified by E-Learning experts and charge ahead in your career in 3 simple steps:
Complete the online courses > Attend the contact sessions > Take the online & offline assessments

Level 1
Basic Certificate Course in Instructional Design

Skill Storyboarding
Online Courses 3
Contact Sessions 2
Assignments 2
Batch Starts On 1st week of each month


Level 2
Intermediate Certificate Course in Instructional Design

Skill Needs Analysis & Design
Online Courses 4
Contact Sessions 3
Assignments 2
Batch Starts On 1st week of each month


Level 3
Advanced Certificate Course in Instructional Design

Skill Advanced Design Strategies
Online Courses 5
Contact Sessions 4
Assignments 2
Batch Starts On 1st week of each month


or looking for career growth in Training/E-Learning/Instructional Design?

Take our industry-oriented Instructional Design Certificate Program 2.0 – an upgraded program with new courses, features, downloadables, exercises, job-aids and assignments.

Starting a career

Online Courses

A range of online certification courses on Instructional Design for Instructional designers, subject matter experts, K-12 teachers and trainers – Learn at your pace with quality content from experts.


Our online assessments are specifically designed to test the knowledge and skills required for the training industry. Take any of these to practice before you appear for a job interview or a written test.


When it comes to workshops, we walk the talk.
Our workshops on Instructional Design are hands-on, where we share our proprietary tools and templates, and engage learners through stories and games.

Our Clients

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