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Advanced ID Strategies Workshop

The workshop “Advanced ID Strategies” will provide participants with insights, tools and techniques that will empower them to design story-based learning, and game-based learning, understand gamification, and create innovative multiple choice questions. What’s more, we will share our proprietary tools and templates to make the task easy!

Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is meant for instructional designers with 5+ years of work experience as designers and analysts. Those who are driven, and want to learn how to design learning courses in a creative way will greatly benefit by attending this workshop.

How is the workshop designed?

The workshop is designed as a blend of principles and practice and is structured as below.

  • Think!: Hands-on activity at module start
  • Deconstruct: Reflect on the activity, gain insights, and derive guidelines.
  • Apply: Hands-on practice with the help of a design tool.

Workshop Details:

The Advanced ID Strategies workshop covers the following topics:

1. Story-based Learning

• Expert Speak: When & Why?

• Story, Scenario, Case Study

• Elements of Story-based Learning Design

• Analyze Some Stories

• Avoiding Common Oversights

2. Game-based Learning

• Expert Speak: When & Why?

• Gamification versus Game-based Learning

• Elements of Game-based Learning Design

• Analyze Some Online Games

• Avoiding Common Hurdles

3. Designing Creative Questions

• Analyze Sample Questions

• Deconstruct – find the high points and/or low points

• Hands-on: Design innovative questions

− From a visual/aesthetic perspective

− From a programming perspective

− From a cognitive perspective

• Design Considerations for M-Learning


You will get a certificate after participating in the workshop and completing all the required assignments.

Registration Process:

To register for the workshop, write to us at info@purnima-valiathan.com.

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We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right.


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