Purnima Valiathan

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About Us

We are a small team of passionate people with 30+ years of combined experience in instructional design, training, technology and media. Our mission is to enable every kind of knowledge giver in the society to discover the power of Instructional Design, so that they may serve content, just right. For, when deep content knowledge synergizes with instructional design, immersive content gets created.

The key members of our team:

Purnima – Founding Partner

Chief Mason: Laying one brick at a time

Hi, I am Purnima. I hold a Masters degree in Education and have been a learning design professional for over twenty years.

Learning fascinates me. I don’t see training and instructional design as a profession, rather a hobby that I pursue with great passion, the by-product of which is a lot more learning, and yes, some money!

A teacher initially, my desire to explore new horizons led me into the E-Learning field, and I spent about a decade and a half, in reputed organizations, such as NIIT, Knowledge Platform, and Hurix. All my employers gave me opportunities to innovate, which of course, I grabbed as any greedy learner would! As a result, I gained considerable experience in setting up learning systems and processes, and designing technology- integrated learning solutions for Corporate Training, Higher Education and K-12.

As a consultant I have designed vocational training solutions (NIIT Yuva Jyoti); solutions for learners with special needs (Noida Deaf Society); and solutions for K-12 (Tata Interactive Systems & Britannica India). I have also trained and mentored a number of instructional designers (NIIT, Genpact and EY).

I have authored papers on E-Learning and Instructional Design, which have been published by reputed forums/publications, such as ASTD and ISPI (USA), and Training Journal (UK).

I am recognized globally as an expert in Blended Learning, and am among the most frequently-cited authors by other scholars in this field as per research conducted by the department of Instructional Psychology and Technology, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA.

I am currently appointed as member (National Expert) in the Expert Committee for Standardizing Content Development Processes constituted by the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

Ruchi Founding Partner

Co-dreamer: Walked the dream, gone silent now

Hi, I am Ruchi. I hold a degree in Mathematics and have been a learning design professional for over ten years. I am also proficient in the German language.

I may appear quiet, pensive and thoughtful to the world, but if someone were to take a peek into my brain, they would see that it is like a busy highway, with diverse thoughts, ideas, problems and solutions all zipping past at great speed, but never jumping lanes, or breaking any traffic rules! After all, I am a Math student, and logic is but second nature to me.

I am keenly interested in everything that contributes to learning – instructional design, technology and media – and I am always trying to look at solutions that make the best use of these. I have worked as an instructional designer with NIIT, Knowledge Platform and Hurix Systems. As a freelance consultant, I have been involved with designing K12 content and corporate training solutions for HCL Digischool, Zee Interactive, G-Cube, Genpact, Tata Interactive Systems, Pepsico, Infopro, Liqvid, Noida Deaf Society (NDS) and many others.



Chief Designer: Making us look good and feel great

Hi, I am Naveen. I have studied Arts and Multimedia and also hold a diploma in Design Management from National Institute of Design (NID).

Why can’t things be functional and aesthetic? This is a question that drives me and my work. A trained designer, I have been a freelance consultant, designing a number of Multimedia projects, portals and ecommerce websites for the Indian Government and its ministries, businesses and educational institutions.

In the creative economy, if you are into media, then you have to know technology, and so, it is with me! I am a keen technology enthusiast and I keep exploring ways to seamlessly integrate technology with business, learning and design; and look for ways to make products functional as well as aesthetic at the same time.

Girish Raj Nair

Mentor: Showing us the way

Hi, I am Girish, Founding Partner at Spread Design and Innovation Pvt. Ltd. a firm that is committed to spreading client messages as brands, products, experiences, interactions and relationships with beauty, simplicity and truth.

I am a graduate in English (Honours) from Delhi University and hold a post graduate diploma in business management (PGDBM) from IMT Ghaziabad.

In my stint over 20 years as the Chief Strategy Officer at Idiom Design and Consulting Limited, and in advertising at Contract Advertising India Ltd, Delhi and McCann Erickson, Bangalore, I worked very closely with many successful Indian entrepreneurs and businesses. These include Atlas Cycles, Usha Fans, Kelvinator, Modi Oliveti, Hindustan Motors, BPL Electronics, and BPL Mobile to name a few.

At Idiom I was involved strategically in domains like Retail, Education, Healthcare, and Hospitality with clients such as Future Group, Manipal Education & Medical Group, TVS Motors, and Titan amongst others.

Being passionate about any form of “design” that aims at transforming a user experience, has led me to guide and mentor a number of start-ups and first-time entrepreneurs. And, if the “design” happens to be connected with learning, I simply cannot resist the temptation to engage with the people behind it. I am associated with www.purnima-valiathan.com [ID Mentors] in a similar capacity.


Sarbani – Consultant

Chief Operator: Keeping our machinery well-oiled and working

Hi, I am Sarbani. I have a Masters degree in English Literature. I joined the learning domain about 25 years back. At that time, I did not quite know what I was getting into, but in a matter of few months, it did become a job that I loved. What fascinated me most over the years was why and how adults learn. Analysing learner profiles, performing needs and gap analysis, and designing a customized solution based on instructional theories and models, has been my area of expertise. I have worked with reputed organizations in the education domain such as NIIT, Knowledge Platform, Lionbridge, Hurix, and Tech Mahindra, creating content for their diverse customer base. The verticals that I have worked on range from IT (Hardware and Software), Manufacturing, Soft Skills, Aviation, Management Skills, Multiple Intelligences, Ergonomics, and K12. I have also participated in Beta runs for courses that I had made and had the opportunity to actually see for myself at real-time how learners fared on-the-job after they had trained themselves using the course material I prepared. I believe that learner centric training is the key to close knowledge gaps and enhance performance at the workplace or in any other domain.

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