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Developing Content for Vocational Training: Pre-Assessment



Developing effective content for vocational training requires not just subject matter expertise, but an understanding of the vocational learner and basic instructional design principles. In addition, developing skilling content  for the Indian vocational space requires you to follow the standards created by bodies that oversee vocational skilling. This test is designed to help you check your level of understanding in these three areas.


What’s in it for me?

By taking this assessment, you will get to know how well you understand the following: vocational skilling standards in the Indian context,  the profile of the Indian vocational student, and basic instructional design principles.  It will also help you identify knowledge gaps, if any, and the topics and concepts that you need to focus on to master the content development process.


How is the assessment designed?

The assessment is objective in nature and comprises a mix of Multiple Choice, Multiple Select and Short Answer questions. The assessment is also timed – you have to answer a total of 25 questions within 45 minutes. You will receive a score at the end of the assessment.

A score above 70% indicates that you have a good understanding of all the areas in developing content for vocational skills. If you get a score less than 70%, get in touch with us for advise on the courses that will help you bridge the gap. 

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