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ID Recruitment Test: Structuring Skills



The source material that instructional designers receive from subject matter experts (SME) is organized and written from the perspective of an expert, which will not be easily understood by novice learners. As an instructional designer, you will be expected to rewrite and reorganize this content so that the target learners easily understand it. Not just rewriting and rephrasing, you will also need to visualize a lot of abstract content. Therefore, instructional designers must possess the skills to structure, organize and visualize content.


What’s in it for me?

You can take this test to assess your structuring and visualizing skills. This will help you identify how good you are in this area, and if needed take up a course before you appear for a written test or a job interview.


How is the assessment designed?

The complete ID Recruitment Test has a total of four parts. Each part tests for a specific competency as described below. This part focuses on the ability to structure and visualize information. 





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