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ID Recruitment Test: Comprehension Skills



The ID Recruitment Test is designed to assess the basic competencies required by an instructional designer in any environment – Corporate Training, K-12, Multimedia Development, or Publishing. Institutions may use this assessment as the FIRST CHECKPOINT in their recruitment process, as shown below.



  • For Organizations/Institutions: This “test-first” approach makes sense for several reasons. First, there is research evidence that many applicants these days hype their CVs, which in turn, reduces the utility of CVs as initial screening tools. Second, it saves time and effort of the organization in the initial screening of candidates. Third, recruiters in our industry are hiring for positions that they know “nothing about”. What they do is map the job description (given by the ID team) with the CV – and then invite the candidate for further interviews and tests.
  • For Individuals: You can evaluate yourself, and see where you stand as an Instructional Design professional. You may also identify areas in which you need to focus in order to improve.


How is the assessment designed?

The ID Recruitment Test has a total of four parts. Each part tests for a specific competency as described below. This part focuses on the comprehension skills of the candidate.




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