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ID @ Work for Practitioners


Instructional Design @ Work is an experiential learning course on Instructional Design. It addresses the ADDIE methodology, Training Need Analysis (TNA), High-level Design  and Detailed Design. It also addresses the following theories and frameworks: Working Memory limitations, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Merrill’s Content-Performance matrix, Keller’s ARCS, Gagne’s Events of Instruction and Kirk-Patrick’s Evaluation model.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at Instructional Designers and Trainers with at least 3 – 4 years of work experience .


Course Name Instructional Design @ Work
Skill Addressed Training Need Analysis (TNA)
Solution Design/Approach Note
Duration Learning Seat Time – 10 hrs; Course Access – 21 Days
Target Audience ID Professionals; Trainers; Subject Matter Experts
Online Assessment Yes
Assignment / Project 2 Assignments: Training Need Analysis  & Design Document OR Approach Note (Available ONLY as part of Level 2 certification)


How is the course structured?


How is the course designed?

The course is designed as a blend of the old and the new, a mix of theory and practice, presented in a simple, yet insightful way. It comprises of seven episodes, and each episode is structured as below.

  • Principles: Popular frameworks are analyzed and demystified in an engaging manner.
  • Reflections: Experiences and insights from the field are presented.
  • Exhibits: Deliverable is showcased with an explanation of crucial parameters and valuable tips on creating it.



To qualify for your certificate from Purnima Valiathan, you must complete all episodes in this course and score 70% or more in the course assessment.

Course Reviews


16 ratings
  • 5 stars9
  • 4 stars7
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. A Comprehensive Course


    The content is chunked meaningfully and is logically sequenced. It is very well presented. The contact sessions also helped in clearing my doubts. In short, it is a comprehensive course. I would recommend it for all IDs: beginners or experts.

  2. Crisp and Concise Content


    The ID for Practitioners course is comprehensive , yet crisp and helped in giving a structure to the logic/ stages while developing content. The course has been designed interestingly with a blend of videos, assignments, assessments and contact sessions that helped in holding interest as well providing information and a platform to clarify concerns.
    The templates and reading material is helping me at work.

  3. Informative but Lenthy


    Good, informative training, but very lengthy. While it was well structured, consistency in the flow of each lesson made it very monotonous. Overall, a useful course.

  4. ID @ Work for Practitioners


    A highly effective course that has been designed for learning to just “happen”. Everything about the course is “Just Right”. I would highly recommend it for all IDs; beginners or experts.

  5. Comprehensive and Systematic


    The course is comprehensive ( covers all important aspects of ID) and systematic. It helps the novice as well as the quasi experienced learner grasp the nitty gritty of Instructional Designing. I am satisfied with the knowledge gained.

  6. Wow


    It is an amazing and very detaailed quiz and it tested my knowlede thoroughly. Thank you ID Mentors team.

  7. 'Just Right'


    Quite similar to how Goldilocks felt, the intermediate course felt ‘Just Right’. Though it was significantly different from the first course and had a lot of information, Purnima meticulously organized it into learnable chunks and ensured that she didn’t overwhelm the learner with too much information. The content was very well presented, with the tasks giving us ample of opportunities to actually practice what we learnt. It couldn’t have been better. Thanks a lot!

  8. Extensive coverage, pushes you to think


    The course content covers all aspects in detail. With the huge number of downloadable material (which you can keep for lifetime reference) and the meticulously-designed assessment and assignment, it arms you with the practical knowledge and skills you will need to become an able ID. Thank you Purnima and Ruchi.

  9. A good learning experience


    It’s a well scripted learning module with concepts explained via video mode followed by application based FAQs formatted like an interview. These FAQs (known as Reflections) not only help the learner resolve their queries but expands the scope of the content explained.

  10. Very helpful course


    The course gave me good insights and guidelines about instructional design, engaging the learners and why it is important to do so. Thanks for designing such a wonderful course!!

  11. 5

    The training helped me to see the mistakes I have been making while presenting content and how to improve on it in a more constructive way. The training sessions with Purnima has helped me a great deal in this aspect.

  12. Helpful and insightful


    The courses followed by the 2 day workshop was just the thing I needed at the start of my career as a content writer.
    It was interesting and quite engaging!

  13. Great tips and guidelines


    This course provides some excellent tips & guidelines for developing courses with sound ID. All aspects right from developing objectives, content as well as knowledge checks are covered.

  14. 4

    A very interesting module. The way things are explained, along with examples, is so good. The FAQs are so informative. It kind of widened the range of thinking from seeing the content from the knowledge perspective to presenting it in an engaging way.

  15. 4

    I found this module very interesting. The episodes are a good blend of theories, FAQs and draws parallels between the various theories of ID. The USP of this module is that it is application based and triggers a self analysis of how to apply these concepts, which theory to apply and which one to leave out. The complete module in itself is a live example of how to approach an end to end design for any subject.
    The MCQs are not direct and very intellectually crafted. After attempting the course end assignment, one can self analyse the understanding gained from the module.

  16. 4

    I found the whole module very interesting. A blend of concepts, FAQs, drawing of parallels of different ID theories. The module helps one to apply the standards of ID in creating an end to end course. Since an Instructional Designer is supposed to be a quasi expert on various subjects, this module helps one to face the challenge of creating any subject course material. It gives you a confidence to take up any topic and create the module. The USP of this module is that it gives u a deep insights of the basics as well as it is more application based rather than just giving’direct’ facts.
    The MCQs are challenging, since the questions are not direct and is mostly application based, one can rate their own understanding through these MCQs.

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