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Introduction to Instructional Writing


Is being proficient in the English language a guarantee that you will excel as an instructional writer? What does it take to be a good one? And why is it important to be able to write instructional content appropriately? Is good instructional writing truly an indicator of how well you empathize with your learner?

This course, Introduction to Instructional Writing, has three important sections. The sections are very interactive and will give you an idea of what is an appropriate style and what is not.

Who should take this course?

This course is meant for instructional designers, content developers, and instructional writers.

How is the course designed?

The course is structured and designed in three sections along with a course-end quiz:

  • Good Instructional Writing
  • The Purpose and Process of Instructional Writing
  • Instructional Writing Components
  • Final Quiz

Course Name Introduction to Instructional Writing
Skills Addressed Write a storyboard keeping in mind the audience requirements, challenges, editorial and client standards, and using appropriate grammar and writing style
(Learning Time)
Learning Seat Time – 2 hours; Course Access – 21 Days
Target Audience Instructional designers and writers, content developers
Online Assessment Yes


To qualify for your certificate from Purnima Valiathan, you must complete all episodes in this course and score 70% or more in the course assessment.

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  1. Introduction to Instructional writing


    Highly engaging course, helps refresh the concepts and builds confidence about instructional writing

  2. 5

    This course teaches the basic instructional writing process. It is well taught and well organized. I highly recommend this course for those who are interested in pursuing a career in instructional design.


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