Purnima Valiathan

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Course Curriculum

Episode 1: ID for Vocational Training
VET Overview 00:00:00
VET: Understanding Challenges 00:00:00
ID & ADDIE for VET 00:00:00
VET Overview: Quiz 00:00:00
Episode 2: Analysis: Creating Model Curriculum
Model Curriculum: Overview 00:00:00
Content and Audience Analysis 00:00:00
Model Curriculum: Format and Components 00:00:00
Model Curriculum: Quiz 00:00:00
Episode 3: Design: Defining Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes: Overview 00:00:00
DACUM Approach 00:00:00
Declarative & Procedural Knowledge 00:00:00
Writing outcome statements 00:00:00
Learning Outcomes: Work Sample 00:00:00
Learning Outcomes: Quiz 00:00:00

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