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Discover Instructional Design – For Beginners


Discover Instructional Design is an interactive task-based course for Instructional Design Beginners. It takes the learner through the complete Development Life Cycle (DLC) with specific focus on content development or scripting – the DLC activity most Beginners will be involved in when they join as novice or trainee Instructional Designers. It addresses the following tasks: Chunking, Objective-writing, Scripting/Storyboarding, Visualizing and creating Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). To connect workplace tasks with learning principles, they are built upon basic learning principles, such as ADDIE, Gagne’s Events, Ruth Clark’s Content-Types framework, and Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at Beginners – those starting off as Instructional Designers or Instructional Design Trainees who may have a certificate in the discipline but are not yet exposed to how Instructional Design is applied at work. The course is also meant for teachers and trainers who want to learn about the basics of Instructional Design because they are collaborating with Instructional Designers for creating E-Learning or Classroom-based training.

How is the course designed?

As depicted below, the course structure is designed to mirror the tasks that Beginners /Content Developers perform.

Introduction to ID → Organize Content → Identify Content Type → Specify Objectives → Script the Topic → Visualize the Script → Create Questions

The course comprises seven episodes, and each episode is designed to take learners from familiar terrain to new and unfamiliar terrains.

Episode Structure

  • Food for Thought: A short anecdote that will immerse the learners gently into new areas before the main content unfolds.
  • Quick Quiz: Questions based on the short anecdote that is meant to force learners to reflect and respond.
  • Theory: Underlying concepts and principles that drive a specific task in the scripting process.
  • Examples: Samples of the task output and how it is rendered in the workplace.
  • FAQs: Some frequently asked questions that beginners and instructional designers have about ID and the development process of learning material.


Discover ID for Beginners Course - Mind map


Course Name Discover Instructional Design
Skill Addressed Storyboarding
(Learning Time)
1 Week
Target Audience Freshers; Content Developers; Trainers
Online Assessment Yes
Assignment / Project 1 Assignment
Storyboard or ILT Session Deck


To qualify for your certificate from Purnima Valiathan, you must complete all episodes in this course and score 70% or more in the course assessment.

Course Reviews


15 ratings
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  1. Block by block learning


    The course guides you step by step and guides and gradually helps you explore the little details of instructional designing.

  2. Excellent course for Beginners


    This course itself uncovers the ID principles which a candidate has to apply in the workplace and sets the foundation Basics of Instructional Design.
    Each activity/unit enables learning.

  3. An enabling course


    I have been in the L&D field for the last 20 years. To upskill I took up the course and wondered what new could it teach me. Boy, was I surprised! It’s simple, interesting and created keeping the working professional in mind. Not only did I enjoy the course thoroughly but also learn new concepts and polish my skills.

    Thank you Purnima and Ruchi for creating a delightful and enbaling course!

  4. Small capsules, big learnings!


    To begin with, the course never felt like one! It was an amazing journey, in which Purnima took us from one milestone to another with her anecdotes and interesting tasks. I loved the fact that it was not at all content heavy. The video, theory section and the task managed to hold the attention of the learner throughout each episode. Also, it was extremely convenient to complete one episode per day. Kudos to Purnima and her team for building such an amazing course. I loved every bit of it!

  5. For ID Beginners


    Great Course Indeed, It really helped me to gain some insights and concepts of an ID beginner

  6. 1 2 3
  •  5,000.00
  • 4 weeks, 2 days
  • Course Certificate

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