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ID Recruitment Test – FREE SAMPLE



The ID Recruitment Test is specifically designed to test the basic competencies required by an instructional designer in any environment – Corporate Training, K-12, Multimedia Development, or Publishing. This is a FREE SAMPLE  of the ID Recruitment Test with limited questions. The test includes questions in the following areas: language, comprehension, structuring, instructional design and professionalism.


Keeping in mind the complexities of the work-place scenario, the options are not designed to be “black and white”. The difference between various options to a question is minimal, and borders on “gray”. It is the ability to recognize this minor distinction that sets apart a good and intuitive instructional designer from the rest. Making the options very unique will dilute the test, and defeat the very purpose of the test – for it will then not mimic the real-life scenario.


This free sample will give you an idea about the kind of questions that are included in our ID Recruitment Test. 


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