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Basic Certificate Course in I.D. (Level 1)


    The certification program, ID Level 1 is a blended learning program designed specifically to address storyboarding skills.

    Who should take this course?

    Beginners – those who have 0 to1 year of experience in instructional design and content development, such as new graduates, serving teachers, or trainers and subject matter experts can enrol for this program.

    How is the course designed?

    The program is designed in a blended format with online self-paced modules and contact sessions with ID experts.

    At the end of the program, the candidate must complete 2 online assessments and submit a capstone project comprising of 3 assignments.

    Course Name ID Certification – Level 1
    Skills Addressed Storyboarding with direct instruction
    Scenario-based storyboarding
    Storyboarding for explainer videos
    (Learning Time)
    Learning Time: 40 hours; Program completion: 1 Month
    Target Audience Fresh graduates; Content Developers; Trainers; Teachers; Subject Matter Experts
    Online Assessment Yes
    Capstone Project Yes


    70% or more in all the online assessments
    Capstone project to meet basic criteria set by us


    For curriculum and program details, download the attached file.

    Certificate Program in Instructional Design: Level-1

    •  10,000.00
    • 4 weeks, 2 days

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