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Discover ID for Beginners

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Discover ID for Beginners is an interactive, task-based course for Instructional Design Beginners. It takes the learner through the complete Development Life Cycle (DLC) with specific focus on content development or scripting.

This course is aimed at Beginners – those starting off as Instructional Designers or Instructional Design Trainees who may have a certificate in the discipline but are not yet exposed to how Instructional Design is applied at work. The course is also meant for teachers and trainers who want to learn about the basics of Instructional Design because they are collaborating with Instructional Designers for creating E-Learning or Classroom-based training.

Course Name Discover Instructional Design
Skill Addressed Storyboarding
(Learning Time)
1 Week
Target Audience Freshers; Content Developers; Trainers
Online Assessment Yes
Assignment / Project 1 Assignment
Storyboard or ILT Session Deck

1 review for Discover ID for Beginners

  1. Tejal Madhwani

    I took the Beginner and Practitioner course as a part of my corporate training as I am working in scientific writing. I have done numerous forms of scientific writing but these courses have been tremendously helpful in getting my thoughts organised in a structured manner. In the courses, I particularly liked the examples that were given for each aspect that was being taught. These examples helped me relate to how I would apply all the principles to the process of scientific writing. Our workshop too had a very interactive format which helped in realising the cumulative gaps of understanding. Purnima and Ruchi were particularly helpful in addressing the doubts we had and in a lot of detail. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to pursue medical writing.

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