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Scripting an Instructional Unit


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Scripting an instructional unit is a short online course on instructional writing. This course is beneficial for:

  • Content Developers with 0-4 years of experience.
  • Instructional Designers with 0 – 4 years of experience.
  • Trainers/Subject Matter Experts who want to improve their content presentation skills.

This course attempts to answer some questions that are often in the mind of writers and instructional designers.

  • Is instructional writing the same as creative writing? Or does instructional writing be a set of clear and direct instructions, disseminated in a simple way?
  • Is there any framework that can be used for scripting?
  • Does the medium impact the writing style – in other words is scripting for a textbook different from scripting for an E-Learning module? Or is scripting for material that will be displayed as a static web page different from scripting for video-based tutorials?

This course covers the frameworks, techniques and formats for traditional e-learning scripting as well as video script writing. The course is designed as follows:

  • Episode 1: How is the development of learning material different from creative writing?
  • Episode 2: Framework for Scripting: Gagne’s Model of Instruction
  • Episode 3: Framework for Scripting: Kolb’s Experiential Model
  • Episode 4: Scripting for Video-based Learning
  • Episode 5: Deconstructing a Video Script
  • Episode 6: Exhibits – Video Script, Traditional Online Learning Script
  • Episode 7: Course-end Assessment (Includes an online assessment and a scripting assignment)


Course Name Scripting an Instructional Unit
Skill Addressed Storyboarding for varied scenarios and delivery formats
(Learning Time)
15 days
Target Audience ID Professionals; Trainers; Subject Matter Experts
Online Assessment Yes
Assignment / Project 2 Assignments

Storyboard for Video Tutorial
Scenario-based Storyboard


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