Purnima Valiathan

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Amitha S Raj

I joined ID mentors as a complete novice student. I had little experience in technical writing but no clue about Instructional Designing. So to say ‘I started from scratch’.


I took the beginners level 1 and intermediate level 2 courses. Before the start of course schedules, there is a contact session with the course mentor – Ms. Purnima Valiathan. She takes the student through the entire program, the approach, and the learning objective of the program. In short, what one is expected to achieve at the end of the course episode.


Level 1 is easy to understand and pretty much straight forward while Level 2 would require you to put on your thinking cap. It motivates the student to get the bigger picture about the different learning theories. The discussion section at the end of every chapter/episode helps one to put in their doubts or queries at the very same time as we go through the module. The fact that all queries are promptly answered by the mentors is worth giving a special mention. The online assessment at the end of each level, benefits the student in self assessing individual progress.


The contact session through Skype is convenient and the availability of the mentors and their guidance throughout the course of the program is commendable. Also, the ease with which the queries are dealt and explained helps one instantly relate with the course content. The team regularly follows up on the progress of the student, this helps one not to lose track with the course module.


The course definitely has played a good part in giving my career a boost and a positive direction. More importantly, it has helped me boost my confidence that I have chosen the right career path, which I was apprehensive about, before joining the course. I would like to give special mention about Ms. Valiathan ‘s methodology of handling queries, which I believe was the key highlight of my journey with the program.


I thank the team of ID Mentors and wish them luck in their future endeavors.




Amitha S Raj Student - Level 2 - Intermediate Certificate Course in Instructional Design

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