Purnima Valiathan

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Asmyta Tiwari

The workshop on the basics of ID was absolutely fun and engaging. I am glad to have experienced that time and gain a bit of hands-on experience, too, in that process. For me, learning is all about putting a structure to the content as well as an action-oriented process; expression in the right form is more impactful. The experience made me understand my strengths as well as the way forward in the kind of work I have been involved in. The biggest take-away was that it is not just important to state what is to be delivered (otherwise it is half job done), but also to structure the content while keeping the learner in the center of the process. I am looking forward to completing the online course, Discover Instruction Design – For Beginners.


Asmyta Tiwari Trainee at We, The People Abhniyan

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