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Ruchika Kashyap

We went to ID Mentors in late 2015 just as we were on the verge of launching a major Mentor Development Workshop. We had the content but it just did not look professional enough or flow well. They turned it around in 3 weeks adding beautiful visuals and interactions. Äny one who saw it asked, “Who has made this?”

Soon, our team started calling them the Delhi girls. Then, we had an Investor program to develop. This time we did not have the content. All we had were some rough slides and a draft agenda. My team said, “Bring the Delhi girls.” And they very efficiently and quietly just turned this around. It looked good. Ran well. The SME was happy. The participants were happy.

Then we gave them a Faculty Program. It was huge and unwieldy. They brought in a smart framework to tie it all up.

I know this is getting long. Then we had to develop some MOOCs on Risks, Design Thinking, Self-Discovery, and many more. They surprised us by even bringing the content to the table. Content which was fresh, well-researched, tied together with interactions and activities beautifully – all delivered without noise, with quiet efficiency.

And they continue to do that for us into this year too.

Ruchika Kashyap, Director – Content and Architecture Wadhwani Foundation

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