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Assessment – English Language Proficiency



Most of us who have reached this page, know the English language well. So, this test is NOT meant to check if you have proficiency in the language. This test is meant to check if you will be able to write instructional content in a simple and accurate way to effectively guide virtual learners across the globe and help them understand any content easily.

What’s in it for me?

This test will prepare you not just for the recruitment test, it will also prepare you to face the world of an instructional designer with ease. We have designed this test to help you understand how English writing as an instructional designer is different from English writing as a creative writer. The crux is communicating the content effectively to your virtual learners.
This test is not meant to check if you are a grammar pro, which you have to be, mostly. It is meant to make you aware of the fact that when you take up a career as an instructional designer, you need to be language “sensitive”. You need to know the difference between Indian, American, or British English, you need to know why active voice is better than passive, you need to know why simple sentences can convey technical meanings better, or why you should avoid using jargon or colloquial phrases or culture specific language. You will also be aware of the fact that creative writing is not instructional writing, though of course you have to be “creative” while working out strategies to present instructional content.

How is the assessment designed?

The Assessment has 25 questions. The test is timed, and you will receive a score at the end of the assessment. Keeping in mind the kind of writing that is typically required in instructional design, be it technical or non-technical content, the test is designed to check how well you can think through the answers. Therefore, you will need to weigh the options well before choosing the correct one(s).

A score above 70% indicates you are ready to plunge in. If you get a score less than that, please get in touch with us for consultation on how to enhance your Instructional Design English Language Skill.


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