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ExpertEase – Instructional Design for Trainers and Experts


ExpertEase – Instructional Design for Trainers and Experts is an experiential learning course on Instructional Design created specifically for Trainers and Subject Matter Experts (SME). It addresses popular principles and frameworks of learning and motivation in novel and unique ways. Learners’ also get to explore how these principles manifest in the creation of deliverables, such as Program Outline, Detailed Design, E-Learning Storyboards, and Instructor-led Training Sessions.

This is a free sample of the course. It showcases Episode 3, Design: Program Outline.

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at trainers and domain experts who conduct regular training as part of their workplace responsibilities. It is designed specifically to help trainers create engaging material by applying the principles and processes of Instructional Design.

How is the course designed?

The course structure is designed to mirror the ADDIE model (ID Process) that is applied in the creation and delivery of training.

1. Overview to ID

  • Instructional Design: Setting Content in Context
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: ADDIE Model

2. Analysis

  • Principles of Analysis: Six Honest Serving Men
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: Analysis Template

3. Design: Program Outline

  • Chunking Principles: Goldilocks of the Brain
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: Program Outline Template

4. Design: Learning Outcomes

  • Principles of Objective Writing: Not without the Porpoise
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: Objectives (Detailed Design Template)

5. Design: Presentation Strategy

  • Popular Learning Theories: All Roads Lead to Rome
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit 1: Selecting a Methodology
  • Exhibit 2: Presentation Strategy (Detailed Design Template)

6. Develop: Instructional Material

  • Instructional Frameworks: Re-imagine Learning
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: Gagne’s & Kolb’s Framework

7. Implement: Conduct the Session

  • Delivery Guidelines: Staging the Play
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibits: Session Plan

8. Evaluate: Assessments

  • Principles of Assessment: Heads or Tails……Not Quite
  • Reflections from the Field: Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit 1: Learner Reaction Feedback Form
  • Exhibit 2: Evaluation Blueprint
  • Exhibit 3: Question Samples

The course is designed as a mix of theory and practice, presented in a simple, yet insightful way. It comprises of eight episodes, and each episode is structured as below.

  • Principles and Frameworks
  • Theory into Practice
  • Exhibit: Exploring the Deliverable


To qualify for your certificate from Purnima Valiathan, you must complete all episodes in this course and score 70% or more in the course assessment.

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  1. Good


    The information was arranged in chunks and was structured very well

  2. 5

    Good leaning material, could be more effective

  3. Chunking content


    Chunking content used to be my bugbear. I will use this knowledge in my current assignment. I guess, Goldilocks tamed my bugbear. 🙂 Thank you!

  4. good course


    A course that gives you the information in a logical and engaging manner. I wish it was more comprehensive.

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