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GameSpeak: Decoding the Jargon

Gamification Vs Game-baed learning


Gamification and Game-based Learning – the latest buzzwords in ID circles.


Almost everyone wants to know about this, and learn how to do it. And, like everything about ID there are diverging views on this. Does it teach? Or does it hinder? What are our views? Well, we would rather wait it out.


In the meantime, we do what we do best – research, and read up the literature on the topic by stalwarts in the field of Instructional Design and understand their take on it – what Gamification actually implies, how is it different from game-based learning, and so on. What do we do next?


Well, we teach, and that strengthens our understanding. You know, the well known old Latin principle Docendo discimus – “by teaching, we learn”?




Check out our module on Gamification that we offer as part of the Advanced ID Strategies workshop.


To know how to get started with game design, watch this.




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