Purnima Valiathan

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Sucheta Sivaraman

My first experience with ID Mentors was when I administered the ID flair test to screen my ID team members. The scientific evaluation validated my team’s ID skills and helped me zero in on learning gaps.

One of the challenges I face as an ID Head is training diverse groups of IDs. Another ID Mentors’ course – Discover ID for Beginners Course – has helped me address this challenge. I have been recommending this course to my content writers and junior IDs. Every participant I have suggested this course to has found the content practical and relevant to their daily tasks.

The courses offered by ID Mentors are truly anywhere-anytime microlearning pieces. But the USP of these courses is that they are simple, engaging, comprehensive and jargon free. I highly recommend ID@ Works for practitioners Course for all practicing IDs.

Sucheta Sivaraman, Functional Head - Instructional Design, APTARA

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